Our goal is to create the lowest cost way to allow for ecstatic listening to music by the largest number of people - who can forget about the ‘system’.

A Conversation with Sound Concern (Medium Post)

Joe Saavedra sat down with Sound Concern and Planeta to dig deep into the history and technical details of this project.


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Sound Concern @ Planeta

Thanks to everyone who came out to our residency at Planeta Space! We learned so much from having actual people in the room experiencing this sound system in person.

Sound Concern is a collaboration between Perry Brandston and Bryan Keller which explores the intersection of art, science and party culture.

The Speakers

Our first effort has involved building a massive, low-cost speaker system involving hundreds of woofers, full-range speakers and tweeters, arranged in line arrays, mounted on wood panels with no back enclosure (“open baffle”).

Cool speakers, but what else?

We are interested in every stage of the audio chain, as well as room configurations and dynamics.

Interesting Audio Sources

Interesting Audio Sources

Short-Path Preamplifiers

No-Frills Amplifiers

Latest, Most Flexible Crossovers